Famous Photographer Quote #0214

Tina Modotti

“Always, when the words “art” and “artistic” are applied to my photographic work, I am disagreeably affected. This is due, surely, to the bad use and abuse made of those terms. I consider myself a photographer, nothing more. If my photographs differ from that which is usually done in this field, it is precisely because I try to produce not art but honest photographs, without distortions or manipulations.”

Tina Modotti

30 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0214

  1. Nature’s Child. I’m glad you liked this quote. Tina Modotti is somewhat forgotten these days. She only photographed for about ten years so she doesn’t have a large library, but her contribution to art in her short stay on planet earth was huge. I hope this post will help people reconnect with her art legacy.

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    • Thank you for today’s quote by Tina. I agree that she has been forgotten but not here, here she is brought to the forefront of female photographers. As you know Ansel Adams is one of my favourite male photographers, and Tina is the ultimate female photographer. I love the simplicity of her work. Of course they both shot in my favourite medium B&W.

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  2. Marie Trigona. The thread of her humility weaved throughout this quote is wonderful. I view most of her images as political statements as well as art. If you do a search on Blog-Bisogno.com, you will find other Tina Modotti quotes. Click here for my favorite.


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