Downtown Fighter

Downtown Fighter

Downtown Fighter – Air and Space Gallery, Exposition Park, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

This is my artistic rendering of the Air and Space Gallery with jet fighter attached to the wall above the entrance. In other words, this scene exists only in my world the way I saw it on that particular day. If you go there you will find something quite different. I could not identify this aircraft by searching on the web. It could be a mockup, possibly for a movie. This is Los Angeles so you can never assume that anything is real. If the plane is unreal, it is all the more perfect for this surreal rendering.

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Copyright 2014 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon D3 DSLR, Nikkor AF Zoom-NIKKOR 80-200mm f-2.8D ED, focal length: 80 mm, exposure: f/10.0, 1/500 sec., ISO 200, exposure program: Aperture Priority, focus mode: manual, capture: 14-bit RAW-NEF, b&w conversion with Channel Mixer in Photoshop CS6, M-up mode, white balance: Auto, Nikon MC-20 remote cableManfrotto 3021Pro tripodManfrotto 3265 pistol grip ball head, capture date and time: 9/23/2014 5:35 pm.


7 thoughts on “Downtown Fighter

  1. Nature’s Child. When my capture method was Kodachrome transparency film, I would have achieved this effect with a Kodak Wratten 29F Deep Red contrast filter which turned skies near black in outdoor b&w photography. Now that my captures are made with a light sensor, the same effect is achieved in post processing leaving my color RAW file intact in case I decide to do a color version later on. I still have my Wratten filters, but they are collecting dust. The only filters I find useful for digital photography are ND (neutral density) filters, or occasionally a circular polarizer.


  2. Hi Dina. Thanks for liking “Downtown Fighter”. I’ve had my eye on this scene for months, but Exposition Park in Los Angeles is not the safest place in the world to take your camera out of the pack. On the day of capture, I circled the park on my bicycle (and burned almost 500 calories according to my iPhone Strava cycling app) until there was no one there. I made the capture quickly and left feeling victorious and a few pounds lighter.


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