Water Droplets – Tucson 1983

Water Droplets, Tucson 1983

Water Droplets – Tucson 1983

Wherever my father called home became a botanic garden…even when living in the Sonoran desert jungle.

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Copyright 2014 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR, Vivitar Series 1 70-210 zoom macro, exposure not recorded, Kodachrome 25 Professional color transparency film, Velbon tripod, Plustek OpticFilm 7600i Ai film scanner, LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast 8 scanner software.


26 thoughts on “Water Droplets – Tucson 1983

    • Thank you nature’s Child. The color of this photograph makes for a happy neurotransmitter cocktail in my brain. Hopefully it has the same effect on other viewers as well.

      It was captured with a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 zoom macro. That’s where the sharpness and color come from. In its price range, the Vivitar was probably the best zoom macro ever manufactured. I loved that lens. If it had a Nikon mount, I’d probably still be using it today.


  1. michael ehrhardt. This image speaks of the color green, and its visceral, calming effect it has on all of us. This is why I followed it with a quote from colorist Eric Meola, a man who is intensely aware of such things.


  2. very beautiful…

    this photograph reminded me of a great poem by Arthur Rimbaud “the dawn”

    I embraced the summer dawn.

    Nothing was stirring yet on the fronts of the palaces. The water was dead.
    The crowds of shadows had not yet left the woodland road.
    I walked, waking vivid warm breaths, and the precious stones looked up, and wings rose without sound.
    The first adventure, on the path already full of cool pale gleams, was a flower that told me its name.


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