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Fish Monger, Mercato del Capo, Palermo

Fish Monger, Mercato del Capo

Ciminna, Sicily, 5/03/2018

Ciminna, Sicily

Two Sheds, Sicily 5/03/2018

Two Sheds

Tow Away Zone, Cefalù, Sicily

Tow Away Zone

Rock and Ruin, Cefalù, Sicily

Rock and Ruin

Bisogno, Cefalù, Sicilia

Infamous Photographer Quote #0399

The sheep of Ciminna, Sicily, 5/03/2018

The Sheep of Ciminna

Mari Tirrenu

Mari Tirrenu

Palermo Street Lamp, Sicily

Palermo Street Lamp

Rooftop Garden View of Vatican City

Rooftop Garden View of Vatican City