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Cefalù Shoreline, Sicily

Cefalù Shoreline

Alley in Enna

Crack Epidemic in Palermo

Crack Epidemic in Palermo

Wooden Barrel - Cefalù, Sicilia, 5/05/2018

Wooden Barrel – Cefalù, Sicily

Isles of the Tyrrhenian - Cefalù, Sicily

Isles of the Tyrrhenian

Cattedrale di Palermo 2

Cattedrale di Palermo 2

Pescivendolo 2

Pescivendolo 2

Bottles and Jars - Mercato del Capo

Bottles and Jars

Tyrrenian View, Cefalù, Sicily

Tyrrhenian View, Cefalù

The Sheep of Ciminna 2

The Sheep of Ciminna 2