Fortnight Lily Noir


Fortnight Lily Noir

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copyright 2019 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Fortnight Lily Noir

  1. The stem on this lily is so long. Getting to the pretty, colourful, lily is dramatic in my eyes as they assend to the beauty and perfection of its bloom! The tablecloth perfectly matches the colour of the centre of the lily!
    The simplicity of this image is to me the sensual beauty of this perfect lily!

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  2. What a lovely flower. Lilies and orchids have always amazed and delighted me because of the sensual full bloom that looks so impossibly balanced on such a long thin delicate stem. This is truly a stunning image.

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  3. Most flower images are done either in a garden or in nature. I do that too, but I always liked Mapplethorpe’s vision of flowers. He would cut them and bring them into the studio to create a much darker, erotic effect. He called them City Flowers. That sparked my interpretation of this fortnight lily captured in my completely blacked out studio and two strobes with grids (20° and 40°) to pinpoint the lighting.

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