Red Leaves in the Driveway

Red Leaves in the Driveway

Red Leaves in the Driveway

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Here’s an oldie but goody from the period when I was still shooting film, but scanning the film with a transparency scanner and bringing it into a very early version of Photoshop. I did this because digital cameras at that time sucked, even the pro cameras. I distinctly remember that on this image I discovered using Blending Modes for color, density and sharpening layers was a crazy good idea. So with only 8-bits, as opposed to 32-bits today, the image looks pretty good.

copyright 2019 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.



4 thoughts on “Red Leaves in the Driveway

  1. What unusual leaves, what tree are they from?
    I love the bright scarlet, red with the tinges of green around the edges.
    The white feathering stands out and helps define the veins of the leaves.
    Strange that the feathering is not on all of the leaves nor covering very leaf.
    How did you do the edging?

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    • I think the leaves were from a bush, but this capture was almost 30 years ago so don’t really recall the specific plant. Yes, there is so much texture going on. Edging: The image was centered over a white background in Photoshop. I then painted in the edge with white to form a splattered effect.


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