Q Baby In His Radio Flyer

Q Baby In His Radio Flyer

Q Baby In His Radio Flyer, 8/30/2004

When I was growing up, we didn’t have a single family picture in the house. I think that artists are not into that sort of thing, and my father was one of them. He took photos of us kids and my mother, but we were well aware that they were really film and lighting tests for upcoming photo sessions…and then they would go in a box, possibly even making it into an album if my mother insisted. He had a photography business with my Uncle Vincent who was being trained by my father under the GI Bill of Rights after WW2. By the time the business came to an end, Uncle Vincent had amassed a great amount of photographic technique and was truly an impeccable photographer. Although he got a day job, he became the photographer for our large, extended family. His b&w prints (printed in his home darkroom) had that wonderful 1950s quality about them and his perfectionism was obvious. In fact, it jumped out at you.

Fast forwarding to 2004, I go to my 1st grandson’s birthday party and one of his presents is an old fashioned Radio Flyer wagon. I immediately thought of Uncle Vin, rest his soul, and his style. I hope he can see this image because it’s all about him.

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