Pottery on Mantel

Pottery on Mantel Pottery on Mantel, 1/24/2019

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It’s a simple image of form, line and window light, two yard sale pots stationed on the right wing of the 1930 fireplace mantel in my office. I have drenched it in sumptuous b&w brown-tone for effect.

Copyright 2019, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved,


6 thoughts on “Pottery on Mantel

  1. B & W my favourite medium!
    I am more often than not seeing nature in B & W these days, possibly it is time to return to “the darkroom” although via “Lightroom”!
    I enjoy the rich, warm, tone the brown wash has given this image.
    Is it a secret as to how this was done?

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    • I love B&W too. In the film days, Kodak made a brown-tone solution that came in a bottle. It was a little expensive so I put my prints that needed brown-toning in a tray filled with coffee. Today, almost everything is digital so I concocted a digital brew and put it on a layer above the background layer in Photoshop which gives the same effect…until “Pottery on Mantle” that is. While working on it in Adobe Camera RAW, I noticed a brown-tone preset, added it, and knocked the opacity down to 38% which rendered as a beautiful cafè-latte-tone. Don’t know if I will ever use this method again, but it was perfect for this image. Thanks for commenting Nature’s Child.

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