Pescivendolo, Mercato del Capo, Palermo, Sicily, 4/30/2018

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Early morning at Mercato del Capo, an open air fish market situated in an alley in Palermo, Sicily. Bread, wine, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and dolci are also abundant. Taste anything at Mercato del Capo and you will swear it’s the best you’ve ever had. Come early when the housewives in the neighborhood are shopping. That’s when all the action is.

Copyright 2018, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

Nikon D810 DSLR  Nikon AS-F Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens, exposure:  f/6.3, 1/400 sec., ISO 800,  exposure program: Aperture Priority, hand held, capture date and time: 4/30/2018, 8:06 am, post processing: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW, Photoshop CC 2017



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