Garlic Knob

Garlic Knob

Garlic Knob, 3/19/2018, Studio: fotografia-LA, Los Angeles, CA

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This garlic knob on my kitchen windowsill was growing towards the sun for several weeks. I brought it in the studio for a macro shot against a cocoa background. 15 frames were taken with the focus point in 15 different locations from front to back, then stacked on 15 layers and merged together into one image file in Photoshop CC 2017. This widened the in-focus area dramatically increasing the short depth of field associated with macro photography.

Next, it will return to the kitchen to be chopped fine, and slowly simmered in oil to make l’aglio l’olio.

Copyright 2018, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

Nikon D810 DSLRAF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 G IF-ED, exposure: f/5.6, 0.8 sec., ISO 64, exposure program: Aperture Priority, shutter: M-up mode, Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote,  Induro Stealth CLT203 carbon fiber tripodInduro PHQ1 Panhead, capture date and time: 3/19/2018, 6:36 pm.


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