Hip Hop Shape-Shifter on the Queen Mary

Hip Hop Shape-Shifter Coop T on Queen Mary

Hip Hop Shape-Shifter Coop T on the Queen Mary December 2, 2017

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An extraordinary act in a very normal setting…aided by an iPhone in panorama mode quickly shut down during the process.

O. Bisogno Scotti

I’ve met elders in native cultures who attest to the fact that shape-shifting is not just an exercise in creative visualization – it’s an actual metamorphosis. There’s reason to believe that they’re right. In Western thinking, we believe that the reality we normally experience is the only reality. However, there are a multitude of equally real, equally viable realities surrounding us. The fact that we don’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not real.

Denise Linn

Copyright 2017, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

iPhone 6 +, Adobe Bridge CC, Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

4 thoughts on “Hip Hop Shape-Shifter on the Queen Mary

    • It was magic!!!

      …okay, I’ll cop to the truth…

      I accidentally put the iPhone in panorama mode. When I realized what was happening, I shut off the phone. When I turned it back on to delete the photo, I saw the possibilities (even though it was a mess). I tried it another 4-5 times getting faster and faster at shutting the phone off after clicking the shutter. This image is the result.

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