Typical Hoh

Hoh Rain Forest Moss

Hoh Rain Forest Moss – Olympic National Park, Washington

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According to The Seven Wonders of Washington State, the Hoh Rain Forest gets as much as 14 feet of rain a year, and the prevalent fog and mist contributes the equivalent of another 30 inches of rain resulting in one of the world’s lushest rain forests. I was excited about camping and photographing in the rain and mist, but it never happened. I didn’t get the typical Hoh experience. I got 5 days of sunshine and elk hanging out in my campsite. The tent was used, but only because I was worried about an elk stepping on me while I slept.

Copyright 2017, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

Mamiya RZ 67 Pro ll medium format camera, Mamiya f/4.5 50 mm ULD lens, Fujichrome Velvia 50 120 transparency film scanned on Aztek Digital Photo Lab 8000 drum scanner, Manrotto 3265 tripod, Manfrotto 3047 studio head.


7 thoughts on “Typical Hoh

  1. This is so beautiful! The image, of course, but the trees, the moss and the shamrocks are equally amazing. Nature’s wardrobe. It’s like a beautiful women draped in flowing silk with emeralds scattered at their feet. A wonderful capture, sir. It must have been a breathtaking experience to spend 5 days in the Hoh!

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  2. I could spend days enjoying the calm, serenity inside this image.
    I feel a coolness, a comforting cool that surrounds anyone who enters this place.
    I spent a lot of time searching for a 4 leaf clover but I didn’t find one.
    The moss, I wish I could feel the texture of the moss.
    Was it soft, a velvety soft? The clover, moss, fern, leaves on the trees each have their own shade of green.
    All the greens have a clean, fresh, lush, alive, feeling to them.
    The trees draped in their mantel of green leaves and moss are stately, strong, and the brown of the bark is almost hidden under the moss. Did you capture any images of the Elk as they camped out with you? That would have been so special to see them up close.

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