Dove on Saguaro

Dove on Saguaro-Saguaro NP West

Dove on Saguaro – Saguaro National Park West, Arizona

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This Western White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica mearnsii) of the Sonoran Desert looks as if he is waiting for the saguaro cactus buds to open so he can he feed on the pollen and nectar within. After that, he will turn to the seeds and fruit for sustenance. Since this capture was in early June, he doesn’t have long to wait. Due to the shortage of bees, it’s up to the Western White-winged Dove to be a primary pollinator for the saguaro cactus.

Copyright 2017, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

Nikon N90S SLRNikkor AF Zoom-NIKKOR 80-200mm f-2.8D ED,  Kodachrome 64 Professional color transparency film, exposure not recorded, Manfrotto 3221 tripod with Manfrotto 3047 studio headPlustek OpticFilm 7600i Ai film scanner, LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast 8 scanner software.


4 thoughts on “Dove on Saguaro

  1. Gorgeous! I just ‘shot’ a WWD yesterday while hiking the coastal prairie. Many here don’t like them, say they’re pests and over-take backyard feeders. I think they are just GORGEOUS, and you captured his facial coloring so well. Great habitat background as well, Bisogno. Cheers!

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    • Good for you Shannon! I didn’t realize their range went that far East. My image was captured (I tend to stay away from the word “shot” these days) in Arizona. I don’t understand how anyone could dislike a bird as beautiful as the White-winged Dove…a bird that signifies peace and love. I wish they would take over my backyard, but that’s not likely being I’m in Los Angeles.


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