Cruisin’ Hwy. 58 No. 2 – A Digital Painting

Cruisin' Hwy 58 No. 2 -digital painting

Cruisin’ Hwy 58 No. 2 – A Digital Painting

~ view larger ~

~ view a portion of painting at 100% ~

After spending a few days at Carrizo Plain National Monument at the peak of the 2017 wildflower superbloom, I turned back onto Hwy. 58 heading east. I was still in 3rd gear when I noticed this rusty, corrugated sheet metal outbuilding in a field and pulled over. I decided to set up head on, the scene almost centered, but not quite so the two trees with surrealistically twisted branches would frame the structure, but it wasn’t until I looked through the camera’s viewfinder that my heart began race. I was looking at another viewfinder, the window…a viewfinder to the flower filled hills and beyond… “Al Di La”

Copyright 2017, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Hwy. 58 No. 2 – A Digital Painting

  1. I hate to sound like a snob, but until I saw your digital painting, CRUISIN’ HWY 58 NO. 2, I had always thought of digital painting as merely clever graphics rather than fine art. But this painting of yours has proven my thought to be false.

    The unique texture you have created in this piece is stunning. After I viewed the large JPEG file, which showed me in depth and scope the incredible detail of each stoke you composed with your digital brushes, well…that’s when this painting really came alive blew my mind. It is gorgeous!

    It is so very obvious there is not a single millimeter of CRUSIN’ that has been left untouched by your hand. You have composed a true painting out of your fine art photographic image. Your creative, artistic and technical skills are to be admired and respected. A digital painting that is fine art? Yes!

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