Famous Photographer Quote #0343

Ken Rockwell

“Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology.”

Ken Rockwell


9 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0343

  1. An interesting quote from a man who started taking pictures at age 5, who says he seriously studied “every possible technical nuance” and who claims to have “had the technique down” by the time he was 11. This, from a man who writes reviews on equipment, gives workshops, lectures, sells gear rather than his photography on his website, and who asks for personal donations.

    Nonetheless, I do like the quote. It’s right on the button. This “power of observation” is the art. It’s the eye of the artist and something that cannot be learned or bought. The “application of technology”? That can be learned by just about anybody who can access the technology.

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  2. Well, I must admit, I was a bit stymied by that shirt. And you’re right about the quality of his artistry. I found most of his images were very over technically manipulated, for my taste, that is. And his nature shots, for the most part, scared me.

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  3. Although, in thinking about digital photography, there is a certain amount of technology involved, even in the act of capturing an image. When I first took my Nikon D610 out of the box and took a couple of quick test shots, I realized immediately that I was not holding jusya camera in my hands but also a computer.

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    • Indeed, they are computers in the guise of a camera with a hierarchical system of folders containing hundreds of settings, many of which you will never use. Eventually from trial and error and consultation with photographers you respect for their technical prowess, you find your way.

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