Famous Artist Quote #0298


“When you have this fire inside, it will lead you to create your own journey, and a path will appear.”



14 thoughts on “Famous Artist Quote #0298

  1. Ahh Rumi….strikingly simple, profoundly elegant, breathtakingly impassioned. This teaching of his is of particular significance to me personally at this time in my own life. Your timing is perfect, not only in your art, your music but in your wisdom as well.

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  2. Shadow of Iris: Thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno.com, and liking this quote by Rumi. One of the nice things about blogging is you are reminded of quotes, poems, and other art that have slipped from your conscious for one reason or another.


  3. Natures Child: Thanks for liking this quote. Rumi’s words probably seem more outlandish today than they did in the 11th Century. Normality and sameness seem to have crept into our thoughts and concepts.


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