Famous Photographer Quote #0297


“My name is Weegee. I’m the world’s greatest photographer…”



10 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0297

  1. Weegee may have been right. Maybe he was the world’s greatest photographer. No one did what he did better. He consistently caught the raw emotion that was the result from crime, violence and death like no other. His art is straight forward, simple, clean and purse. No artifice. No pretense. It may not be pretty but art is not always pretty. On the other hand, he also took great images of the celebrations in life and love. He was one of a kind.

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    • As a kid I loved Weegee just for his creep factor. He definitely had some sort of powers because he seemed to know where the accident or crime was going to occur. Later on, I realized how talented he was. You’re right about him not being pretentious. What he did was definitely art but he approached it in a nuts and bolts kind of way. Was Weegee the world greatest photographer? Ask Weegee. He may still be able to communicate with you. 😉

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