Famous Photographer Quote #0296

Oliver Gagliani

“It is the photographer, through the medium of light, who must confront these objects directly, not as he would like them to be, but as they are in themselves. It is the measure of his success as to how deeply he is able to perceive the life which they have experienced, and penetrate the surface to tap the wisdom which they have to offer.”

Oliver Gagliani 


13 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0296

  1. This really is the perfect quote to follow Brother Tree…It’s all about light and capturing the subject of an image as it really is. One of the things I like best about your art is that you never destroy the innate integrity of your subject. You present it as it is. You never manipulate it to bend to your will. You only enhance it’s natural state of being. I wonder what Gagliani would think of how so many contemporary photographers actually rearrange the landscape of the images they present these days.

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