Famous Artist Quote #0293

Vincent Van Gogh

“If one draws a pollard willow as if it were a living being, which after all is what it really is, then the surroundings follow almost by themselves, provided only that one has focused all one’s attention on that particular tree and not rested until there was some life in it.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Letter to Theo van Gogh, circa 15 October 1881


16 thoughts on “Famous Artist Quote #0293

  1. Isobel Higley. I’m glad you liked this quote by Van Gogh. Most of the quotes I post here are from my collection I’ve had for years, but this one I found and fell in love with today. It’s perfectly in tune with my image ”Paschal Morning in the Open Space” below.


  2. It is as though this quote was written precisely for you in regard to what you did in your recent image, “Paschal Morning in the Open Space”.

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