Famous Photographer Quote #0290

Vincent Versace

“Photoshop is not a verb. It is a noun. It is the means to an end, not the end itself.”

Vincent Versace

12 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0290

  1. Anne Warren Art: Thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno.com, and liking this quote by Vincent Versace. I’m guessing this is a self-portrait. I chose it to go along with his Quote because the blur looks like Photoshop blur rather than in-camera blur. In other words it has been “Photoshopped”.


  2. I’m laughing right now because I haven’t heard Photoshop used as a noun in years…But I shouldn’t be laughing because when the meaning of a word is altered it looses it’s integrity. When a tool is used incorrectly, it can’t accurately perform the tasks it was designed to perform. Photoshop is a great tool and used properly, it brings magnificent results…Versace has proved this with his art. You have certainly proved this with your art as well.

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      • I hate what is going on with the misuse of digital darkroom tools. So much of it is garish and crude……it’s not art, that’s for sure…but what you do is and always will be. You deserve to be in the best of company. You’ve earned it.

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      • I’m a photographer and a musician so I’ve seen the changes in both art forms. Pre Beatles there were hardly any musicians around. If you ran into one, they were pretty good players because they had made a commitment to an idiom that wasn’t all that hip yet. The day after the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, everyone was a musician. It was now hip. They were all over the place. You had to wade though a thousand of them to find a good player for your band.

        Digital replaces film: Film was very hard to learn and to use so there weren’t many photographers around. It was a small playing field. The chances of running into another photographer were astronomical. Digital comes along and everyone and his brother is a photographer. Now you look through thousands of images on the web before finding a photographic artist, and by then your eyes are weary from viewing over-sharpening and over-saturation, etc. But don’t worry. There is Vincent Versace, and probably a guy in Cleveland with a wife and four kids who is just as good only no one’s ever heard of him…such is life.

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  3. Jackie: Thanks for liking this quote by photographic artist Vincent Versace. It’s interesting how the notion of a digital dark room, aka Photoshop/Lightroom seems repugnant to so many people whereas the wet (film) darkroom with all that water and chemicals going down the drain was never suspect. I see it as the other way around.

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