Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0288

O. Bisogno Scotti

“An image remains in limbo, not becoming art until it is printed.”

O. Bisogno Scotti


13 thoughts on “Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0288

  1. No matter how beautiful an image is, until it’s been printed it’s just pixels illuminated on a light box. I have had the pleasure of seeing an image go from monitor to paper. It’s a complex, complicated and fascinating process. And it’s exciting. I got the impression that one never knows until the print is on the table whether it’s a job well done or not. You have obviously mastered the Art of Printing as well as of The Capture. You images are even more breathtaking on paper than they are here on this light box and they are stunning here!

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  2. Nature’s Child: Thanks for liking my Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0288. After 20 years of digital printing and the same amount of years of gelatin silver printing, I feel like I have arrived at where I want to be as a printmaker.

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