Famous Artist Quote #0287

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“An interesting plainness is the most difficult thing to achieve.”

Ludwig Meis van der Rohe


14 thoughts on “Famous Artist Quote #0287

  1. Siim Land: Thanks for liking this Ludwig Meis van der Rohe quote. There’s a lot of over-the-top images going around on the web these days, but it’s actually the under-the-top images that are harder to achieve.


  2. One of my favorite architects. I love his legacy in Illinois and New York and his history with Bauhaus. This quote not only describes his work perfectly but it beautifully describes yours. You see and capture the sublime in the most simple and ordinary of things.

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    • You have an astute eye Lezlie. I’m definitely a proponent of the less is more school of thought. As soon as I frame a scene in my camera, I am thinking of what I can remove from the from the frame, not what I can add.

      With out Bauhaus, the Mac computers that artists are so fond of would not look like Macs. Thank you Steve Jobs (a fan of Bauhaus design).

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