Famous Artist Quote #0283

Don Roff

“Regarding the creative: never assume you’re the master, only the student. Your audience will determine if you’re masterful.”

Don Roff


24 thoughts on “Famous Artist Quote #0283

  1. mlambertsphotography: Thanks for liking this DonRoff quote.
    I’m realistic so I tried to analyze my talent quotient, but there is a danger in doing that too soon. You keep progressing, surprising yourself. Only when the progression stops will you know if you were meant to be a master or not. That’s my theory.

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  2. Santiago: Thanks for liking this quote. When I needed help with percussion instruments, I went to a master drummer. When I needed vocal help, I went to a maestro, when I needed help with photography I went to my father. We all need masters/teachers in our lives to guide us.

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  3. Glitchy Markovich: Thanks for liking this quote by Don Roff.
    So who wants to be a master anyway? Others would have to address you as master…and if they forgot you would have to say, “Hey, It’s master to you pal! 🙂


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