Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0281

Bisogno Closeup, Dakota Jam, Fargo, ND, July, 1976

“I call them images because they are imagined before the shutter is released.”

O. Bisogno Scotti

(photo by mimi)


22 thoughts on “Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0281

    • Thanks for liking my not so famous quote. I care about people, especially budding artists. Learning was the premise for starting in July of 2009. This is the reason I list photography and post processing techniques and equipment used on image captures. Followers are welcome to ask questions on anything photographic. I feel I helped a few people, and in doing so have learned a lot myself…such as stringing a few sentences together that actually make sense. πŸ˜‰
      …so I am am wonderful teacher.

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  1. Deepak Acharya: Thanks for liking my quote. After reading hundreds of quotes by the great masters of photography and other art forms and learning much from each and every one of them, I finally came to the realization that I had something to say too.

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