Famous Photographer Quote #0274

W. Eugene Smith

“I know the print I want, and I know I’ll probably get it, but it’s sheer drudgery. My formula for successful printing remains ordinary chemicals, an ordinary enlarger, music, a bottle of Scotch, and stubbornness.”

W. Eugene Smith

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4 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0274

  1. Lennon Carlyle. Thanks for liking this W. Eugene Smith quote. It’s probably too esoteric for people not involved with printing, but I can relate. The process in the wet darkroom is torturous, but if the final print turns out to be exactly what you had in mind it’s all worthwhile. The digital darkroom is the same other than you are no longer flushing dangerous chemicals down the drain.


  2. Man of many thoughts: Thanks for liking this quote by W. Eugene Smith. Not the most popular quote on this blog, but sheds light on the arduous task of print ing museum grade prints and what it takes to make it through the process.


  3. Nature’s Child. Thanks for liking this quote by W. Eugene Smith. I can actually remember his work for Life Magazine. My parents had subscriptions to Life, the Saturday Evening Post, and National Geographic and we discussed all the photos within. I couldn’t wait for the mailman to deliver them.


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