Famous Artist Quote #0272

Robinson Jeffers

“It is only a little planet, but how beautiful it is.”

Robinson Jeffers

(photo by Edward Weston)


17 thoughts on “Famous Artist Quote #0272

  1. Man of many thoughts: Thanks for liking this quote. When selecting a photograph of Robinson Jeffers to go with his quote, I decided on a portrait by Edward Weston since they are both California artists from the same time period.


  2. Sheila Sea: Thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno.com, and liking this quote. I’m feeling California this week even though I’m a NY transplant so featured two California artists, poet Robinson Jeffers and photographer Edward Weston.


  3. deanjbaker: Thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno.com, and liking poet Robinson Jeffers’ quote. I love the succinctness of the artists of that period. Ten words was a lot, yet everything you needed to know was there.


  4. You got me good with this one. Robinson Jeffers and Edward Weston are my two favorite California/West Coast artists because they both know and show what a beautiful little planet this truly is. They both see, hear, and feel the beauty and the magic and they are both exquisite in showing this to the rest of us.


    • I was not aware of the West Coast School of Photography until Moving to Los Angeles in 1977. At that time, I subscribed to all the photography magazines and a few years later was published by them. I now consider Edward Weston in my Top 10 photographer’s List.

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