Trunk Full Of Rocks

Trunk Full Of Rocks

Trunk Full Of Rocks – Bulguksa, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Republic of Korea

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While visiting Bulguksa Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Korea, I noticed a dead tree trunk about 20 yards into the woods that might be worth checking out. It wasn’t until I walked around it and saw the other side of this gnarly and hollow trunk full of rocks that I realized its significance for me…an unusual subject perfect for a capture on Kodachrome 64 (my favorite medium at that time).

Copyright 2015, O. Bisogno Scotti, All Rights Reserved

Nikon N6006 SLR AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8Dexposure: not recorded, M-up mode, film: Kodak Kodachrome 64 Professional color transparency film, Manfrotto 3221 with Manfrotto 3265 pistol grip ball head,  Nikon MC-20 remote cable,  Plustek OpticFilm 7600i Ai, 35 mm film scanner, LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast 8 scanner software


12 thoughts on “Trunk Full Of Rocks

  1. Leanne Cole: Thanks for liking my “Trunk Full Of Rocks”. Arriving in S. Korea, customs accused me of bringing in 300 rolls of Kodak Kodachrome to sell for five times what it was worth in the US which would be $50 per roll…celluloid gold! I told them I was a photographer and would expose all 300 rolls before leaving the country. That turned out to be a lie. I only exposed 263 rolls.

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  2. anroworld: Thanks for liking my image “Trunk Full of Rocks”. One thing I love about Asian countries is they have all these things that purport good luck, yet I believe them wholeheartedly. That’s why all captures of these objects seem to work out.


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