Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0253

O. Bisogno Scotti, Camping in Big Sur

“Composition guides our eyes; color guides our emotions.”

O. Bisogno Scotti

(from conversation on

18 thoughts on “Not So Famous Photographer Quote #0253

  1. Nature’s Child: I’m glad you like this quote of mine. The Not So Famous Quotes started with a few snippets from an interview I did for the Los Angeles Times. After that, I started culling them from conversations with artists friends, and also interaction here on

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  2. paulettemotzko: I’m glad you found As you can see there are now 253 artist quotes that explore the philosophy and emotion behind fine art. This may be your kind of place. Enjoy!


  3. Dina: Thanks for liking my thought. For someone who started out doing monochromes, I have truly embraced color. I had complete control of b&w photography with a wet darkroom, but as soon as the digital darkroom arrived I started delving into the world of color with the same control over the finished artwork. It has been an emotional experience and I have enjoyed being the guide.


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