Famous Photographer Quote #0246

Edward Steichen

“I was coming to realize that the real magician was light itself”

Edward Steichen


14 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0246

  1. Robi Jiz: Thanks for liking this quote by one of the great master’s of photography, Edward Steichen. Yes it is all about the light and Mother Nature doesn’t just hand it out. She’ll make you wait until she’s good and ready.


  2. room c157: How true it is that light is the real magician. Photographers are people who have enough patience to wait for the right light and enough knowledge to identify it when it happens.


  3. M. Talmage Moorehead: The quirky thing about natural light is it’s there for an instant and then gone so a photographer must identify the right light for the scene quickly and decisively. Glad you liked this quote.


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