Red Crossbill On A Limb

Red Crossbill, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Red Crossbill On A Limb – Avra Valley, Arizona, USA

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I like this image because this Red Crossbill looks like he is a rocket ready for blastoff…and indeed he did.

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Copyright 2015 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved

Nikon N90S SLRNikkor AF Zoom-NIKKOR 80-200mm f-2.8D ED, Nikon SB-24 Speedlight, Kodachrome 64 Professional color transparency film, exposure not recorded, handheld, Plustek OpticFilm 7600i Ai film scanner, LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast 8 scanner software.


25 thoughts on “Red Crossbill On A Limb

  1. Julia Manuel: Thanks for visiting and liking my image “Red Crossbill On A Limb”. I made this capture many years ago on Kodachrome 64, a truly magical film. Now it will enjoy a second life on the web.


  2. Andrea Giang | Cooking with a Wallflower: Thanks for liking my image “Red Crossbill On A Limb”. The Red Crossbill is an interesting bird. It’s mandibular variation cannot really be seen in this photo, but the top and bottom portions of the beak cross each other at about a 30 degree angle rather than align like most bird species. This unusual beak allows them to extract seeds from conifer cones.


  3. maxgor: Thanks for liking “Red Crossbill On A Limb” captured in the Sonoran Desert. I have hiked extensively there and have found If you remain still long enough, the silence of the desert becomes a cacophony of bird chatter, some birds singing in sweet harmony while others squawk discordantly. It’s quite a scene!…makes me want to go home and write a jazz tune…


    • I was not quite sure enough about the name of this bird to post it so without your affirmation he may have never been published on and remained a draft forever. I thank you for your birding knowledge Shannon. I’m also glad you liked my capture. Have a great day!

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      • Oh now come on – you must know a little about timing being a musician and all. 😉 seriously though, I think animals can sense when a human is truly respectful of them.

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      • It’s dangerous to bring up musical timing Jackie. I could rant all day about that. 😉 Timing in music is organic since it comes from within, yet highly sophisticated because it is at least half the equation of that art form.

        I think you’re right. With nature and animals you must be still, your vibe tranquil. Animals sense vibrations…love, respect, serenity. It’s how they survive. The timing of the shutter will come from within, if you really choose to see.

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