Dopo la Recita (After the Recital)

Dopo la Recita (After the Recital)Dopo la Recita (After the Recital) – California, USA

Copyright 2014 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Many people have asked me if this scene was staged. It was actually a found image. All I did was compose from an angle of view to make the toddler appear diminutive. The pink tutu and ballet slippers in the foreground are lit by window light making it appear prominent like a diaphanous badge of honor.


14 thoughts on “Dopo la Recita (After the Recital)

  1. Another perfect photo that says it all…After the Recital, the classic ballet, well used shoes and the child relaxing with her computer/pad…

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    • It’s nice when things come together. This was not staged, but rather a “found image”. Once framed, I knew what I wanted to do…sharp and detailed on the tutu bathed with cool window light and becoming more painterly and warm as the eye is drawn back and across the image. The iPad is a sign of the times definitely dating it as the present.

      I’m still waiting for the perfect photograph…which of course never comes because there is no such thing.

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