Fashion at the Oscars 1

Academy Awards 2

James Cameron Academy Awards After Party – Beverly Hills, California, USA

The above photograph was captured for designer Christine Ko at James Cameron’s Academy Awards After Party.

Copyright 2014 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon D3 DSLR, AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8DNikon SB-800 Speedlight, exposure: f/4.5, 1/250 sec., ISO 640, Auto White Balance, handheld, capture date and time: 3/2/2014 11:45 pm.

9 thoughts on “Fashion at the Oscars 1

  1. Candia. I actually got paid for this fun night out. Go figure!

    The photographic challenge was to make it look like the images were done in a studio rather than at a party. Also, there were ten models wearing the exact same dress and jewelry and each image had to look different in some way. Thanks for liking “Fashion at the Oscars 1″.


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