The Morning Catch

The Morning Catch, Jeju-doThe Morning Catch – Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Were these fish thrown helter skelter onto the dock by fisherman, or arranged by a creative mastermind? All I had to do was frame it.

Copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon N90 SLR, AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D, exposure: not recorded, ISO 64, filter: Nikon L37C, program mode: Aperture Priority, M-up Mode, Kodachrome 64 Professional color transparency film,  Manfrotto 3221 tripod with Manfrotto 3265 pistol grip ball head, Nikon MC-20 remote cable.


12 thoughts on “The Morning Catch

    • Thank you Lezlie. Excellent observation. It does have a monochromatic look to it. Since this was captured on film, it had to be an overcast day which desaturates color film. With a digital camera you do this on a sunny day, then desaturate in post processing.

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