Reflections of a Dream

Reflections of a DreamReflections of a Dream – Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

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This image came to me in a dream, the face of a woman, or the many faces of a woman. Upon awakening, I began to think the scene might be real. A brief search of the neighborhood revealed that it was, and only two blocks from my loft. A huge poster of a woman high up on the brick wall of one building was reflecting in the glass panels of a high-rise building at a 45-degree angle across the intersection. I must have been subliminally putting the scene together for days, weeks, months, who knows how long? All I knew was I must capture her, not the poster, but the reflection of my dream that revealed every facet of the woman.

I started scouting the site to pinpoint the right time of day, the angle, the location where the tripod would be set, the lens, the aperture, everything required to make it look like the dream, but the right day for the capture of this woman eluded me. Her spirit refused to kneel in subjugation before my lens! It was always something. The sky was not deep blue enough to match her eyes, the clouds were not surreal enough, the two dudes on the corner seemed like they really wanted my camera…

On the morning of August 31, a power told me it was time. I arrived at the intersection at 10:00 am. Everything was predetermined. Her light was captured by sensors at 10:07 am. She is now mine, yet has cleverly managed to take her sweet revenge.  The poster was removed the next day. She has vanished into thinner air, taken by the wind, supine on a surreal cloud.

Copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon D3 DSLR, AF Zoom-Nikkor 80-200 mm f/2.8D ED (focal length: 125 mm)Nikon MC-20 electronic shutter release, M-up mode, exposure: f/8, 1/400 sec., ISO 200, exposure index: +.33, exposure program: Aperture Priority, tripod: Manfrotto 3221 tripod with Manfrotto 3047 studio head, capture date: 8/31/2013, 10:07 am.


5 thoughts on “Reflections of a Dream

    • Thanks David. When I started Blog-Bisogno in July 2009 I struggled with the writing end of it. With encouragement from my followers, I continued on and now feel more free to express the philosophical side of how, and even more importantly, why I create these images.


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