Yosemite Fall and Stream

Yosemite Falls and StreamYosemite Fall and Stream – Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR  35mm SLR, Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50 mm f/1.7 lens, Kodachrome (can’t remember if it was 25 or 64), No exposure data recorded, Velbon Tripod.

Brief History of Yosemite

4,000 years ago:  Original inhabitants of Yosemite are Miwok , Paiute, and other Native American tribes. They call the Yosemite Valley Ahwahnee (place of the gaping mouth) and themselves Ahwahneechee.

1850:  European Americans enter Yosemite looking for gold. Troops are brought in to eradicate the Native Americans.

 1851:  Yosemite’s first tourists arrive.

1855:  During the heat of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signs the grant to preserve the Mariposa Grove saving the giant sequoias from the logging companies. This is the first US land set aside for preservation.

1864:  First European American settlers arrive bringing cattle and sheep.

1889:  Irish immigrant John Muir and Robert Underwood Johnson concerned about the devastation of the Yosemite highlands caused by cattle and sheep grazing launch a campaign to stop the destruction.

1890:  Congress sets aside 1,500 square miles of forestland. Soon after it becomes a National Park.

1906:  Yosemite incorporates Mariposa Grove.

1916:  Newly formed National Park Service takes over management of the park from US Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers (African American troops).

2013:  Rim Fire becomes the sixth largest wildfire in California history burning 41,000 acres within the park to date…

Miwok-Paiute ceremony 1872

Miwok and Paiute ceremony in 1872  at the current site of Yosemite Lodge























9 thoughts on “Yosemite Fall and Stream

  1. Thank You for the history lesson on this wonderful park. I plan on taking a trip to the west coast and this park is one of my “must see” places!
    Have you been there often?


    • It is a history full of hope and regrets, some of which were conveniently left out of the history books we read as children. One thing is for sure. It is a sacred place for all. I am sure you will love it. I have been there only once, but during those four days the beauty of Yosemite was indelibly etched in my mind forever.


      • Is it that far from where you are?
        I think I would be spending every vacation looking at the views that Ansel Adams photographed.


      • Yosemite is about a half day drive from LA. I never get any vacations, and my commercial work keeps me locked in Los Angeles most of the time. I would love to spend more time in nature. I’m working on it!


    • You’re welcome David. This is a Kodachrome that was stored in a box in the early to mid 80s not to see the light of day until I started searching last week for an image to raise awareness of the Rim Fire which had entered the boundaries of Yosemite. I have already had a print order for it so I guess I chose the right image to represent this National Park. Thanks for your comment.


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