The Doors Examined

The Doors Examined

I would like to thank my good friend Jim Cherry for being gracious enough to mention me in his new book, “The Doors Examined”. This is such a thrill for me being on the same pages with one of the most influential rock bands of all time, The Doors. I just received a few copies so I am only on the second chapter, but it is a great read so far. Jim is one of the foremost authorities on The Doors today so I am expecting a few revelations and much insight along the way. I also enjoyed the foreword by Tony Funches who probably knows more about the Doors than the band members themselves can remember! This book should be required reading for all Doors aficionados. Thanks Jim!

Please click here or on the book to go to Chapter 14, page 172

click here for photos of the Morrison Hotel by Henry Diltz and O. Bisogno Scotti


12 thoughts on “The Doors Examined

    • It’s really does my heart good to see you on Blog-Bisogno Lezlie! My photos look twice as good here than they do on Facebook. Facebook has an algorithm for sizing image files that takes the life out of them.

      I am proud to have been a part of Jim Cherry’s new book “The Doors Examined”. The Doors mystique lives on!


    • Thank you so much. I snuck in the Morrison Hotel parking garage the other day. The “door” was ajar so I could not help myself. I think Jim Morrison willed it to open from his grave in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France. I am happy to report that even the parking garage is cool!

      I think the time is right for another Morrison Hotel photo…


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