Famous Photographer Quote #0151

Bruce Gilden“I love the people I photograph. I mean, they’re my friends. I’ve never met most of them or I don’t know them at all, yet through my images I live with them.”

Bruce Gilden


6 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0151

  1. Thanks for liking this quote Jackie. I like it because it sums up my feelings for my fish monger image below, and everyone else I have captured over the years. A fleeting moment of eye contact, perhaps a few words, yet I love these people. Over the years they have become a part of my life.


  2. Nature’s Child. Thank you for liking this. I don’t necessarily approve of Mr. Gilden’s approach to street photography, but it works for him and he has been very successful with it. I have to admit I love some of his results that probably couldn’t be obtained any other way. Anyway, his words run true!


    • The perfect portrait of Bruce Gilden. I don’t know who took it, but he got right up into Gilden’s space trying to unnerve him. Of course, it didn’t faze Bruce in the slightest!

      Thanks for commenting rabirius.


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