Before and After 1994

Before and AfterBefore and After – fotografia-LA, Studio City, California, USA

Copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

I started fotografia-LA in 1994 in the perfect location for a photography studio on Ventura Blvd. Studio City, California. Even with this great location, no one wanted to take a chance with a new photographer even though I had been shooting since I was nine years old. Because of this, I was doing mostly restorations of old family photographs to fill in the gaps. I was the first photographer in the area using digital techniques, and was soon getting all the restoration work. It turned out to be very rewarding, but I really got into photography to shoot.

The lady above was a successful business woman who had an executive portrait made and was not happy with it. She came to me and asked if anything could be done. I said yes and gave her a price. When she came back she was elated. She shouted, ” You have captured me!” Remember, this is the dawn of digital imaging and people were amazed by it. I think I was using Photoshop 2 at that time. The current version, Photoshop CS6 is actually version 13. I will never forget this woman’s joy. It affected me.

She must have spread the word because I started getting a lot of executive portraits to retouch. I began telling clients that it would be cheaper for them if I photographed them and got it right in camera. What little retouching that would be needed would be included in the price of the shoot. They listened, and soon I was shooting for CBS, Hallmark, Odyssey Network, doing publicity photos for actors and models, celebrities, and fashion shoots. That’s how it started for me.


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