Malibu Pier – The Storm Breaks at Dawn

Malibu Pier-The Storm Breaks at Dawn“Malibu Pier – The Storm Breaks at Dawn” Malibu, California, USA

Copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti,  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon D3 DSLR, AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D, Nikon MC-20 remote cable, Manfrotto 3221 tripod, Manfrotto 3047 studio head, exposure: f/11.0, 1/20 sec., exposure Bias: -0.33, exposure program: Aperture Priority, white balance: Auto, ISO 200, focus mode: manual, Mirror-Up mode, capture date and time: 1/06/2013 8:17 am.

20 thoughts on “Malibu Pier – The Storm Breaks at Dawn

  1. I would like to place an order for this Fine Art Print. It will compliment the first one I bought, “Rainbow, Fall, Tree”.
    “Malibu Pier – The Storm Breaks at Dawn” will compliment “Sunrise at the Malibu Pier” Which I just ordered.
    What a wonderful perspective seeing the pier from the left and right sides.

    Your images make the ocean come alive, I see the water as it gently rolls toward the shore, reflecting the breaking dawn in its surface.
    Very beautiful, timeless, I enjoy meditating with “Rainbow, Fall, Tree”, and this also will be a place for peace and reflection.

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  2. I will call it a “triptych”…

    A piece of art on a theme. Three paintings that tell a story…

    The first one is the deepest thought, the eternal search, the worry, the war…

    The second one is the time itself, frozen into the power of the horizon… the mystery…

    The third one is the youth of the matter, the natural and the artificial… the newborn light…

    Each photograph completes and prepares the viewer for the next…

    Art has no boundaries.

    Which do i like best? “the mystery that fights the light” 🙂

    excellent work all three of them

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    • A triptych is the way I am planning on presenting it at fotografia-LA, in one frame, in a matte with three windows.

      I know the story I was trying to convey so it is quite interesting to hear your take on it. It is amazing how close you have come to my original concept.

      The fact that art has no boundaries is exactly what draws us to it…what pulls us in. Artists are in the business of tearing down walls.

      Ah, the mystery. Good choice.

      Thank you for your insight Naughty Scarlett.

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  3. I would be really interested to see how you will present it in a frame…

    and to hear your concept…

    you, artists, are lucky… you are in a position to obey no rules and reach the top 🙂

    no, you did not get my choice… try again

    you are welcome Mr. Scotti

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  4. I am as interested to see where this goes as you are! What I do know at this point is that each individual print will be the same height and length and that it will be printed on UltraSmooth Fine Art paper to add to the painterly quality of these images.

    I am not a meteorologist, but I have stood in the dark on many beaches waiting for the sun to come up and can tell you that this sunrise was a somewhat unusual weather event. Many sunrises are brief giving you less than a minute to capture the peak. This sunrise seemed endless going from bright orgasmic light to dark sinister light over and over again as waves would roll to the shore. The only concept was to capture each movement, and that each capture would be cropped to a panoramic aspect ratio to accentuate the horizon line.

    Rules? What is this word? It sounds very boring. I will look it up in the dictionary. 🙂

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    • so it will be interesting to know, as the process goes…
      I am curious how your story will show up…

      I am a late “riser”. so i have missed a lot of sunrises…
      sunrise coincides with youth, early life, hope and joy…

      As it seems your Malibu sunrise was an adventurous one, which kept your interest alive…

      what did the dictionary have for you? 🙂

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      • That’s a good question. How will it show up? Let me ponder this…

        Nothing wrong with that. In my music days, I used to get up “when the sun is warm”. Now I stand in the cold, dark dampness waiting for the light. 🙂

        Ah, adventure, the pathway to interest, the antithesis of boredom.

        What did the dictionary have for me? Doldrums! I shall never visit again. 🙂

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