Chulucanas Pottery

African VaseChulucanas Pottery – Product Photography by O. Bisogno Scotti

copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.


3327 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020


phone: 213-712-FOTO (3686)

20 thoughts on “Chulucanas Pottery

  1. I also thought this was larger. I love that it is hand painted, it makes this so charming. The earth tones really appeal to me, the sheen pulls the eye to the simple yet soft design. This is something I would love to have in my home!

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    • I loved the look of handmade earthenware vase. I wanted to use a more stately background in contrast to its earthen funkiness, something with lines like the hand painted stripes on the vase. Going through all my backgrounds, I realized I had nothing that came even close to my vision, but the next day during my morning shower it came to me. I would use my shower curtain. Perfect!

      Product Photography by O. Bisogno Scotti

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  2. “Lezlie Sokol” Painted Cloud Gallery: Thanks for liking this product shot of Chulucanas pottery featuring my shower curtain (starched and ironed) as the background. At the time my studio was a live/work loft at The Mandel in Downtown Los Angeles (7th & Olive).

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  3. I’ve always liked this image. Knowing how you made the capture, how you set it up and waited for the natural light, is a great story. I like the lighter reflection in the up right of the vase. Would that by any chance be a reflection of one of those Northern facing windows? The shower curtain look great…one of the nicer backgrounds I’ve seen.

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    • I’m glad you like it. You are correct. All highlights are from the windows on the right. The shower curtain (heavily starched and ironed) was clamped to the background system. I let it dip down below the product table, then swoop back up and across the table. I thought that would be an interesting effect.

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      • I appreciate fine product photography having had to do a little of it myself and knowing how difficult it is to do well. Lighting especially. I hate the over use of that glaring hot white light that almost hurts the eyes. It doesn’t always flatter the product or enhance the over all image. I’m not always a fan of plain, flat product background. No matter how interesting the product, it can be unnecessarily boring.

        Your use of the shower curtain, its drape, the use of such fine natural light, these things combined all make this a very pleasing image. I love the texture throughout. It’s simple and elegant. I presents this vase gracefully. I really love the light. I love the way your mind works. Your creative process is fascinating. It’s brilliant. But then, you are an artist. A fine artist. Of course, it shows in everything you do. Every image you create.

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