Wando Fish Rack

Wando Fish RackWando Fish Rack – Wando South Korea

copyright 2012 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon N90 SLR, AF Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D, Nikon L1BC skylight filter, exposure: f/16, 1/8 sec., ISO 64, program mode: Aperture Priority, Kodak Kodachrome 64 35 mm color transparency film,  Manfrotto 3221 tripod with Manfrotto 3265 pistol grip ball head,

9 thoughts on “Wando Fish Rack

    • Yes, the fisherman turned his head to watch me respectfully take the shot. It was the moment I had been waiting for. Why? Because this is a portrait…a portrait of a fisherman, and a portrait has to be more than a likeness. I has to tell the story of what the subject is all about. In this image, it is all visually there, the fisherman facing the camera, his boat, and his catch.

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