Droid Madness in North Palm Springs

N. Palm Springs, CA_1-06-2012

I am a professional photographer so I use professional cameras to achieve the best results, but what do you do when you pull off the I-10 Freeway in North Palm Springs looking for something to eat and are confronted with a fake saguaro cactus with a giant fake spider on it in a lot next-door to a Jack in the Box?  You use a fake camera, that’s what. A camera disguised as a phone like my trusty Droid which I used to capture the above image. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. What could be more surreal? Since I didn’t have my pro gear with me, the burning question remains whether or not I would have made the correlation between fake cactus and fake camera. Probably not. My choice most likely would have been to not take a shot of a fake cactus next-door to a Jack in the Box at all. I suppose this admission rules out any possibility of my being a photographic genius, but I can live with that. The image may not be the apex of my career, but it does makes me smile.

copyright 2012 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

surreal factor: PhotoKit Color 2 plugin for Photoshop was used for a split toning effect. First a layer with a yellow/blue split with custom opacity levels was added. On top of that, another layer with a red/sepia split with custom opacity levels was added.


10 thoughts on “Droid Madness in North Palm Springs

  1. I just absolutely LOVE this!

    Why said he, because it made me laugh first of all. Fake cacti, spider and camera {really!}

    I thought the CREED of all professional photographers was sleep with it and NEVER
    leave home without it.
    That will teach you to have your REAL camera attached to your hand at all times.

    Now I feel better about my colour photos that I am now posting since I will not need to
    apologize about the quality that is missing since I was using my droid!

    Thanks for making me feel better about the quality that is lacking it is not because I am an amateur it is because I used a fake camera!

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  2. You do not have to feel bad about anything Marina. Some of the best photographers in the world have experimented with toy cameras, pin hole cameras, and cheapo plastic cameras such as the Diana (Hong Kong) and Holga (China).


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