Tombs of Bundang #20

Tombs at Poon Dang #20Tombs of Bundang #20 – Central Park, Bundang, South Korea

Captured on a cold, rainy day in May,

The park was mine lest a few hardy souls,

Within hours I had the trust of kings,

and borrowed their ancient spirit for 1/125 of a second.

copyright 2013 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon N6006 SLR AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D, filter: Nikon L37c exposure: f/5.6, 1/125 sec., ISO 100 film: Kodak Tmax 100 Professional 35mm b&w, Manfrotto 3221 with Manfrotto 3265 pistol grip ball head

22 thoughts on “Tombs of Bundang #20

  1. Good morning Dawn!

    It was a very special moment I will hold forever. There are some sacred places in South Korea that have an energy field which you can actually feel when entering. The Tombs at Poon Dang was such a place.


  2. Your B & W is so sharp I like the lines seen in the stone
    the face is nicely defined yet soft from time taking
    it’s toll but not it’s soul. Everything is sharp and clear
    yet remain in the background, offering support to the structure of the statue.
    This is a place I could sit and meditate or just stare at this living stone
    awaiting it’s whispered messages for me to hear.

    As you know I love B&W the reason is back in the 80’s I shot only B&W and
    processed my prints myself it was a hobby I enjoyed but have gotten away from.
    When I look at your pictures you are rekindiling my desire to shoot again!
    Strickly on an amature basis that is, this spring or maybe sooner
    when I go out to walk in my park I will turn off my cell phone camera and take
    my other and shoot some B&W for you to enjoy!

    I enjoy the discriptive wording, it makes me feel how you really enjoyed the day with these living stone beings for they exude a sense of calmness that I feel behind and between your words.
    Words wrtten in whatever forum could/should make the reader feel or think, you have done just that with few words. I on the otherhand tend to be rather wordy I love words writting them and reading them. Thank You!!!!!!

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    • Hi Marina. It is good to see you here on Blog-Bisogno again. Your comments are always appreciated.

      Yes, go back and explore your b&w roots, and enjoy it!

      Thanks for the encouragement on my writing. That is very nice of you.


  3. I like the sharp pure image that b&w creates. This living stone being is sharp and crisp the lines show details that b&w clearly define. Even though exposed to the elements for eons the face has not lost it’s soul. I could meditate here for hours stareing at this timeless face waiting for the whispering words it would impart to me..
    As you know I love b&w, and here is the reason. In the 80’s I shot b&w and processed my prints myself.Your pictures are rekindling my desire to shoot again so in the spring or sooner I will go for a walk in the park/garden near where I live and turn off my cell phone camera and take out my other and shoot some b&w for you to enjoy.This time of season is good for b&w. Here that is where it is cold, wet, less sun, then in the late spring.

    Your wording creates a calmness a sense of serenity that I feel behind and between your words,That is what a writer/poet might do, make the reader think or feel, by letting them find their own meaning in your words. Or make them think they know just what you thought or felt when you created the poem.

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