Famous Photographer Quote #068

Julia Margaret Cameron“From the first moment, I handled my lens with a tender ardor.”

Julia Margaret Cameron

5 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #068

  1. What an interesting story, It says she started later in life, and, well, I’m starting even later.

    I was given a Nikon D-70 from a friend with a 300mm lens. As soon as I’m used to it, I’ll something to you. I can’t wait to get started.

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. Thanks for commenting Dawn.

    It is interesting that she started so late, and then delved so deeply into it…with tender ardor of course. 🙂

    Lucky you! The D70 is a great little camera. It has maximum flash sync speed of 1/500 sec. I’m jealous! If you have any questions, let me know. I would be glad to help (I’m a Nikon guy).


  3. sukiyama02. Thanks for liking this Julia Margaret Cameron quote. I find her words quite eloquent and beautiful. She was probably the first female portraitist to use the camera in an artistic way…and in a way that only women can see.


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