Calico Ghost Town 2

Calico Ghost Town - 2/06/1983Calico Ghost Town 2 – King Mountain, California, USA

Calico Ghost Town is situated about 130 miles from downtown Los Angeles off the I-15 going towards Las Vegas, just past Barstow. Established in 1881 on the side of King Mountain as a silver mining town, it was a ghost town by 1904. Many of the original structures still stand today and others have been rebuilt to original specs. I would recommend not going in June like I did. The temperature the day I went was somewhere between 110-115 degrees which my Samoyed, Icy Bear did not appreciate at all! Winter would be the much preferred time of year.

copyright 2011 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

 Minolta SR-T 101 SLR, Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50 mm f/1.7 lens, Kodak Plus X 125 Professional 35 mm b&w film, scanned onPolaroid Sprintscan 4000 film scanner. Exposure not recorded.

8 thoughts on “Calico Ghost Town 2

  1. It is unfair such a photograph to remain without comments…

    It is extremely live and descriptive, so I can feel that underneath the soil, the silver mines are working again and I can really touch the borax…

    Not to mention that from the top of the hill, I expect to see happy men returning from a late night in the bars of Calico…

    pd Its quite a photograph, because it created all these in my mind, without the slightest effort…

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    • Thank you for daring to go first. You must be a natural born leader! 🙂

      I love ghost towns. If you stand quietly watching, your mind will conjure up images from over 100 years ago (as you were saying).

      I remember working to get just the right angle on this image so that the placement of each object is in the right position within the frame.

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  2. I love the shades of colour in b&w. Always clear, nothing to hide the depth, the vibrancy in the starkness of shading.

    The wood frame adds to the depth of the photo it draws you in until you are inside the photo.

    Do you feel the vibrancy of life that was here it lingers still.
    You have captured the essence, the starkness of life once lived, and have drawn the viewer {me} in feeling the loneliness of life that existed here.

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  3. Lezlie Gwynn (Sokol): Thanks for liking my monochrome “Calico Ghost Town 2”. The film was processed in my kitchen sink in my Hollywood apartment, and I printed my own darkroom prints at the Los Angeles Photography Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

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