The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear

copyright 2011 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

This image of a polar bear was taken in the far North, that is North of Los Feliz Boulevard in the upper reaches of the Griffith Park Zoo in Los Angeles, California. Although a captive bear, he seems to have retained most of his pride as a great predator of the Arctic. Never have polar bears been in more trouble than today.  Let’s hope we never see a day when there are no polar bears remaining in their natural habitat. Defenders of Wildlife

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR, Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50 mm f/1.7 lens, Kodak Plus X 125 Professional 35 mm b&w film, scanned onPolaroid Sprintscan 4000 film scanner. Exposure not recorded.


5 thoughts on “The Polar Bear

  1. As usual Scotti has not only captured a great composition of this grand beast, his message is right on.
    Thanks for sharing this image and these words with us.

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  2. Thanks David. I am hoping that my portrait of this magnificent animal will help to remind people that we must end our dependency on fossil fuels as quickly as possible and replace them with renewable energy sources. This is the only thing that can save the Polar Bear.


  3. Oooo, Bisogno! Such an exquisite photo! And you are so right. This bear does seem to have maintained dignity. It would be a crying shame if we were to loose such regal and magnificent animals as this one. Thank you for caring so much!

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