Calico Ghost Town 1

Calico Ghost Town-1 June 1983Calico Ghost Town 1 – King Mountain, California, USA

copyright 2011 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Calico Ghost Town is situated about 130 miles from downtown Los Angeles off the I-15 towards Las Vegas, just past Barstow. Established in 1881 on the side of King Mountain as a silver mining town, it was a ghost town by 1904. Many of the original structures still stand today and others have been rebuilt to original specs. I would recommend not going in June like I did. The temperature the day I went was somewhere between 110-115 degrees which my Samoyed, Icy Bear did not appreciate at all! Winter would be the much preferred time of year.

Note: If you look at the end of the bathtub facing the camera, you will see that the tub is actually made of wood milled from one huge log, probably from the nearby mountains. Looking at the front of the tub, you can see the timber was milled in a way that retains the perfect symmetry of the tree rings. Amazing!

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR, 50 mm Minolta lens, Kodak Plus X 125 Professional 35 mm b&w film, scanned onPolaroid Sprintscan 4000 film scanner. Exposure not recorded.


9 thoughts on “Calico Ghost Town 1

  1. Thanks you for commenting, and for the kind words Scarlett. I really wanted that shot, risking heat stroke to get it!

    Yes the Minolta SRT-101 is a classic camera. I wish I had never sold it. I bought it because I couldn’t afford a Nikon at the time, but did not regret it. The SRT-101 turned out to be a very good body. I would have to say that Nikon was way ahead on the lenses though.


  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno.

    The original print was submerged in a tray filled with coffee to give it a brown tone which brings out the textures and tone of anything old, especially wood and leather.

    I like to call b&w photography surreal. If you define surreal as something that contains both fact and fantasy, b&w has the realism fact that you mentioned, and fantasy because our eyes actually see the world in color.

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  3. B&W, b&w is just the best for seeing everything as it really is.

    Can everyone go inside these buildings? If so I am impressed that people haven’t “borrowed” the glass jars on the flat to the wall. also impressed that there is no dirt or dust anywhere inside. I bet it wasn’t this clean when it was in use 😀
    Rustic, and shows how people managed with out electricity, cell phones, cars etc.
    It would have been a hard life and harsh nature to deal with.
    I also like the antler rack beside the mirror {or where the mirror would have been}.
    Wish I could read the poster although I am sure it is not from the 1800’s.
    BTW did you put your hat there just for effect! :LOL

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    • Most of the buildings you are not aloud inside. If I remember correctly, there was a half open dutch door and I set up my tripod just outside the door.

      I can’t imagine living and working there in the summer back in the day!

      Nope, that’s not my hat. 🙂

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