Ray Brown – Jazz Legend

Ray Brown 5Ray Brown – Jazz Legend, Capital Records, Studio A, Hollywood, CA, USA

copyright 2010 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

This photo of Ray Brown was taken on March 12, 2002 at Capitol Records, Studio A in Hollywood during a session for pianist, Shota Osabe. I have been told that this may have been his last recording session before his passing later that year.

Mr. Brown was not in the best mood after being told that he would playing in a booth.  The drummer, Harold Jones, would be in another booth and Shota Osabe would be at the grand piano out on the floor of Studio A. You can’t blame Ray for acting that way. Jazz is a language and in order to converse, you need to all be in the same  room. That’s the way it was done back in the day.

After much cajoling, he entered the booth slamming the door behind him so I wouldn’t be able to take pictures. There was a brief conversation over the headphones, the music began and a big smile started to spread across Ray’s face indicating he approved the groove. All I had to do was kick back, listen to the music and wait for it to get too hot in the booth to have the door closed (I know this from doing sessions myself). It eventually opened, Ray still smiling, and I got the above shot. Thanks Ray!

Nikon Coolpix 5000, Nikon SB-24 Speedlight, focal length: 17.5 mm, exposure: 1/60 sec., f/6.7, ISO 100, handheld.

Ray Brown Trio – Yardbird Suite

Ray Brown Trio – bass solo (Black Orpheus)

9 thoughts on “Ray Brown – Jazz Legend

    • Thank you for your nice comment Laura, and thanks for visiting Blog-Bisogno! Welcome to my world. I hope you visit again soon. There are about two hundred of my images here and I’m adding more all the time.


  1. I LOVE JAZZ!.
    Like rock it moves me into another dimension when I hear it, I can’t sit still, it just moves me! I also prefer no vocals, to me vocals sometimes get in the way of my hearing, really hearing and feeling the groove that I want and need to feel from music.

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    • I’m a jazzbo too. Vocals only seem to intrude in jazz.

      I used to be a vocalist (and drummer), but I know exactly what you are saying. Enough with the singing already! I guess it all started with Frank Sinatra. Before Frank, singers used to come out and sing one, maybe two tunes a night. The rest of the night was instrumental. Throughout the 50s, 60s, and early 70s there were instrumental hits on top 40 radio. By 1975 it was over. When is the last time you heard an instrumental on top 40 radio? Instrumentals no longer exist…except for jazz.

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      • It is the music that has the groove to move me into the music so that I become the music and the music becomes me.
        I feel the same way about nature and most definitely your images move me in the same way. I can get inside your images and feel and “see” the heart and soul you put into them.

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    • Nikon Coolpix 5000 was a tiny little point & shoot and my first digital camera. I paid $500.00 and made about $25,000 doing portraits with it. Not a bad investment. I just got the Coolpix when I did the Ray Brown shoot so my primary camera was a Nikon N90S 35 mm SLR film camera. I shot mostly Kodak Tri-X b&w film and Ektachrome 100 color transparency film.

      I consider myself very fortunate to have been there. A friend of mine was producing the record and asked me to do the photo shoot. At the time, my studio was two blocks away from Capitol Records in Hollywood so I did a lot of stuff over there during this period.

      Thanks for liking this.

      Portraits by O. Bisogno Scotti

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