Famous Photographer Quote #0010

Dorothea Lange

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

Dorothea Lange

3 thoughts on “Famous Photographer Quote #0010

    • Paul, I really do understand what you are saying here, and the digital revolution in photography is partially to blame. Another problem is the business of photography. It has become all about making money and fame. But as you say, “It can be” and the artists are still out there. I don’t think Ms. Lange could be accused of a rapid fire approach, especially since she was using large format.

      If you have seen my photography on Blog-Bisogno, whether you like the photography or not, you can tell by my synopsis about how they were taken that each and every image is very important to me. Most of the time I work with the camera on a tripod. This does a lot more for you than keep the camera steady. It forces you to really see and feel. I’ve had people ask to come along with me on photo shoots and they were bored to tears (I tried to warn them). Sometimes I don’t shoot at all. A good example would be the image, “Gray Trees with Color” (It’s on my blog). The scene was preconceived in my mind and I took eleven days to find it, wait for the right light, and get the shot.

      Thank you for your comment. I feel your pain….especially when I see wedding photographers shoot 2,500 frames and come up with 100 proofs!!!!!

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  1. PERFECT!!!!

    This is certainly true for me, it is a learning curve that opened my minds eye to “see” the world around me.

    Most people look at things and scenes without really “seeing” at all.
    I may have been one of them but never again will I just be able to look at a flower or tree
    without “seeing” the potential of how to photography it, to capture its true essence.

    I find things talk to me, {maybe they always have but I wasn’t listening} they say “look at me really look at me and capture my image while I am still here”!

    I have already begun to think of future things to shoot, to look for while I am walking,
    I have just begun to think of how will this look if I try this or that or what if I do it this way.
    The possibilities are endless! :):


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